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What Trading Activities Can You Partake in When Using the Immediate Connect?

We understand that there are many different forms of trading activities available in the world. As a trader, you might wish to expand on your portfolio and partake in these markets.

In contrast, you might be new to the trading world and don’t know which activities you would like to specialize in. For example, you might wish to only partake in the crypto trading world.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident that Immediate Connect can meet your specific requirements. Our system is equipped with various features to ensure that it can appeal to a broad spectrum of users. That is one of the biggest upsides of a platform designed as a general trading system.

When using Immediate Connect, you can partake in cryptocurrency, asset, forex, and CFD trading. Here is how each of these activities differs from each other.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto trading involves making educated guesses on a specific cryptocurrency’s value on the market. The goal is to purchase a cryptocurrency when its value is low and resell it when this market price is high.

Asset Trading

Asset trading is classified as a collection of securities that an enterprise owns for the main purpose of reselling for a profit. Most of these assets have a reputation for undergoing short-term price movements, which is favorable because it allows these businesses to gain a profit from the reselling process if they are to make the right guesses.

CFD Trading

A contract or difference (also known as CFD) provides traders with the opportunity to speculate on the market value of an asset or partnership without owning it. The validity of this speculation can vary and assets include shares, foreign exchange, and commodities.

Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market offers a global marketplace for the exchange of national currencies. Forex markets are typically one of the biggest and most liquid on the planet. These currencies trade against each other through rate pairs.

What Are the Advantages of Trading?

Conducting trades on an online trading platform, like Immediate Connect, comes with many benefits. Some of the most prevalent advantages include:

  • The ability to avoid brokerage bias.
  • Lower fees (no fees when using the Immediate Connect platform).
  • Access to online tools for enhanced trading performance.
  • The option to monitor investments in real-time.

What Is Crypto and Why Should You Trade It?

Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world and are known for being the currency of the future. The mechanisms making them up create exceptional trading opportunities. Here are a couple of the reasons you should start trading cryptocurrency:

Low Inflation Risk When Looking at the Future of Crypto

World currencies are typically regulated by the governments. This is one of the reasons traditional currencies are subject to inflation. However, cryptocurrencies are controlled by a decentralized authority, which means that there is not any inflation associated with these assets. Having a currency and watching external factors cause it to lose value can create a tough financial spot. So, crypto is very appealing in this sense.

Enhanced Liquidity

Online platforms have made trading activities more accessible. Additionally, the increased presence of online brokerages, exchanges, and trading sites lead to the enhanced liquidity found when trading crypto. This makes it great for traders who are looking for short-term profit.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Immediate Connect Trading Platform?

Several benefits come with using the Immediate Connect trading platform. When conducting a live trading session, we offer the following advantages that enhance your experience.

Low Minimum Deposit and No Hidden Fees

Immediate Connect is free for all members to use. Additionally, we offer a low minimum deposit to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to trade. This goes beyond the absence fees that would normally appear upfront. We also have no hidden fees that you must deal with blindsiding you.

A Secure Trading Experience

One of our goals when creating the Immediate Connect trading system was to offer a platform where individuals could trade with peace of mind. You are guaranteed a safe experience as you implement your desired strategies. You get this kind of security because we have included end-to-end military encryption whether you have chosen to dive into crypto, CFD, asset, or forex trading.

Customized Assistance Aligning with Your Skill Level

Specialized features incorporated into Immediate Connect that are equipped to allow various skill levels to derive equal utility from the program. Thus, it does not matter if you’re a trading ninja, a complete beginner, or anything in-between, you should stand as much of a chance at success or failure as anyone else. This feeds into the openness to all that our program facilitates.

Take advantage of these benefits today by signing up for a Immediate Connect trading account now!

How Do You Become a Member of the Immediate Connect Trading Platform?

We have made the process of being a member of the Immediate Connect trading community effortless and rapid. All you are required to do is complete a straightforward registration process. Once you have done this, you can begin using the platform as you see fit. This membership process is divided into three quick steps, which are outlined below:

Step One –
Submit the Completed Immediate Connect Registration Form

You are first required to complete our registration form. The information needed includes:

Your email address | Your name | Your phone number

Once you’ve submitted the data, we’re going to review its contents and send a verification link to your provided email address. From here, you can proceed by clicking on this link, which is going to verify your email address and move you to the next step of this process.

Step Two –
Fund Your New Immediate Connect Trading Account

The next step happens on a secure portal. This is where you can deposit your initial investment into your trading account. The funds you decide to invest can be as little as $250 or more. This is entirely up to you. We would like to add that this money isn't a fee for using the Immediate Connect trading system.

Our trading platform is free to use. This money is used to fund the various trading activities you wish to partake in and you have complete control over how you wish to spend it. Additionally, this initial deposit isn’t subject to any costs and you can withdraw it without any fees. The amount you choose to deposit should correspond to the level of risk you’re willing to take.

Step Three –
Set Your Trading Parameters and Begin Trading

So, you’ve verified your email address, created your Immediate Connect trading account, and funded this new account. However, you’ve got one more step to complete before you’re ready to begin a live trading session. It’s now time for you to set your trading parameters.

We encourage all traders to take their time with this phase. This is especially the case if you’re a beginner trader who doesn’t fully understand the conditions surrounding the market or have developed a trading strategy. Luckily, we have created an informative guide to help less-experienced traders understand the factors that should be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions - Immediate Connect

Can I Use My Phone and Laptop to Trade?

Yes, members of the Immediate Connect trading platform can use both their phones and laptops to conduct trades. We understand that many users wish to have a primary and secondary device when partaking in trading activities. Our goal is to cater to all individuals, which is why we have made Immediate Connect compatible across the board.

Furthermore, we also understand that some traders don’t have access to a laptop or PC, but they still want to take their chances with the trading discipline. We facilitate them too!

We have done this to align with our primary objective of offering trading opportunities to everyone. All you’re require to have to trade with Immediate Connect is a browser and internet connectivity. From here, you’re free to use the system as you please.

Is It Free to Become a Member of the Immediate Connect Community?

Yes, our Immediate Connect trading platform is free for all members to use. The process of getting active is also free and members are only required to deposit $250 or more into their trading accounts.

We don’t take a percentage of this money and we don’t have any say in how you decide to use it. You have complete control over how you decide to use these funds when making trades on the market. Additionally, you can withdraw whenever you wish without any charges.

How Can I Trade as a Beginner?

Yes, our Immediate Connect trading system is beginner-friendly and we have specifically included many features that help beginners get the best trading experience. The more you become acquainted with the industry, the more you can take the training wheels off and take more control over the modular decisions required.

Our automated trading robot is equipped to scan through the market's extensive data to find suitable trading conditions and act on your behalf if you so desire. Additionally, the interface is easy to navigate and can be used by anyone. Our helpful guides also help those who need further assistance. This ensures that Immediate Connect hits the mark where accessibility is concerned.

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