About Us

How Was Immediate Connect Created?

Before we embarked on our journey of becoming trading software developers, we made a living as professional traders. We spent years perfecting our strategies and testing them in the wild. We believe that the market has opportunities for everyone, but not many individuals get to experience them. That's when the idea for Immediate Connect was born.

Our goal when developing the Immediate Connect trading platform was to compartmentalize everything we had learned from our years of practice and execution into this software system. From here, we could allow everyone to trade with the same kind of expertise behind them. That includes those who didn't have trading experience. Thus, sharing the excellent opportunities available in the trading world.

How Is Immediate Connect Different from Other Trading Software Platforms?

We have equipped the Immediate Connect trading system with various features that stray away from the conventional design and functionality of alternatives. One of these features is the low initial deposit amount.

When using the Immediate Connect trading platform, members gain the luxury of investing a small initial deposit of $250. Of course, you can always invest more. Nonetheless, this low required investment is provided because we understand that not all traders have hefty sums of money that they can invest. Offering this minimal deposit ensures that everyone can use Immediate Connect despite their financial position.

Additionally, Immediate Connect is designed as a general trading platform. Meaning, you have the option of trading on various markets. This includes the cryptocurrency, CFD, Asset, and Forex market. Thus, all your trading activities are conveniently housed under one platform if you enjoy trading on multiple markets.

Why Should You Choose Immediate Connect?

When choosing a trading platform, Immediate Connect is typically seen as one of the best options currently on the internet. Many traders enjoy the peace of mind they gain when using our website to partake in trades. This is partially because we implement military-grade end-to-end encryption features into our system. Thus, you can conduct your activities safely.

Another great benefit of choosing Immediate Connect as your trading platform is that you have the luxury of no fees. That’s right! Our trading software is completely free for all members. We don’t include any hidden costs when using our system to conduct trades and we don’t charge any withdrawal fees when you decide to transfer funds from your Immediate Connect trading account.

The accessibility is another huge part of the package. Not knowing if a system is going to be too complex or painstakingly easy can be unnerving. Open Your Free Immediate Connect Trading Account Now and Start Trading Today!